About Us

Middle East Shipping Agency 

Since 2000 we as Middle East Shipping Agency (popularly known as ‘’MESA’’) are one of the leading Dutch forwarding company in the African and the Middle East district. We offer high quality RoRo services for very satisfied customers with cheap shipping rates. And also container services for transportation of Big Machinery businesses.

Mesa is one of the leading Dutch forwarding company in Europe, providing RoRo service to businesses of all kinds. Our mission is to provide the most professional, efficient, competitive, and personalized services for your logistic requirements by sea. Our aim is to become your Global Logistic Provider by handling your shipments from its origin to its final destination and completing all the required operations and formalities.

We can provide accommodation for your needs to ship virtually anything, like: vehicles, trucks, trailers, cranes and all movable machines. Thanks to our organization of quick quotations, you can easily obtain a reasonable price for the type of shipment you are interested in. Rates from Mesa are always provided in the freight forwarding market.

R.D.W.  Service

Ro-Ro Shipping has  R.D.W. licenses and because of that we are able to make export papers (like export declaration) for all vehicles we pick up in the Netherlands. Mesa shipping is allowed to do that unless all car papers are complete by the driver or in our office , together with the number plates.

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